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Lisa Bloom: How to Talk to Little Girls.

I think that a positive difference could be made in how young girls think of themselves if they were encouraged more to fill their minds with knowledge rather than images of what media says girls should look like.

Award-winning journalist, attorney, and legal analyst Lisa Bloom offers an interesting take on changing the future.

The Show-off.

Designer Edward Taylor proposes an interesting take on the idea of storage. He understands that people have this desire to show others what they own. It’s rather a display of pride and self-gratification, in my opinion, but this piece does make for great social commentary.

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Other works.

Engramer gave a completely different function to these Kanji characters, Chinese characters that are also used in the Japanese language. The structures beautifully represent the characters in their purest forms, leading users to consider the importance of typography, script, and the written language in general.

These specific designs of his remind me of Pieter de Leeuw’s letters bookshelves. In de Leeuw’s work, users are able to arrange the letters in any which way they desire in order to create a space for displaying and storing their books. Individual letters can also be used for seating.

An illustration of a bookcase from "The Decorator and Furnisher", an art journal from the late 1800s.

The same art journal discusses how a bamboo bookcase can be made to order. Different types of wood and displays can be arranged separately.

Virginia Shortridge provides examples of ways in which one person can improve the visual quality of the interiors of their homes. She claims that a sofa in between bookcases is much more 'attractive' than just having a wall of books.


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Gross designed the Konnex for people who enjoy redesigning their homes more frequently than usual. The individual modules can be set up in a variety of arrangements, according to whichever might suit one’s home best. I think this is a brilliant design considering the fact that it can cater to people who have both smaller …

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