This chair by designers at Cuatro Cuatros was made with sustainability in mind. It can be flat-packed and transported, and the assembly of the chair requires zip-ties to secure the faces together. However, I wonder how sustainable the material is, and I’m not quite sure if using plastic zip-ties are any more eco-friendly than a traditional adhesive.


studio david graas | products | don’t spill your coffee table.

Designer Davis Graas presents an interesting approach to recycling cardboard in order to create an entirely usable, sustainable piece of furniture. It’s a fresh take on a generic coffee table, and I would love to see how this idea can be applied to the designs of bookshelves.

Not only does this design defy tradition, it provides a valid material study of the level of endurance of cardboard.

The Show-off.

Designer Edward Taylor proposes an interesting take on the idea of storage. He understands that people have this desire to show others what they own. It’s rather a display of pride and self-gratification, in my opinion, but this piece does make for great social commentary.

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Other works.

Engramer gave a completely different function to these Kanji characters, Chinese characters that are also used in the Japanese language. The structures beautifully represent the characters in their purest forms, leading users to consider the importance of typography, script, and the written language in general.

These specific designs of his remind me of Pieter de Leeuw’s letters bookshelves. In de Leeuw’s work, users are able to arrange the letters in any which way they desire in order to create a space for displaying and storing their books. Individual letters can also be used for seating.

The Whole Story Photo Albums.

Designed by Debra Folz, this photo album has no need for a bookcase or shelf, because it was designed to “exist sculpturally in your space.” By removing the idea of limiting books to a generic shelving unit, she hopes to “encourage physical sharing of stories through photographs.”

This type of design can only be achieved, in my opinion, if only she separates herself from what society tells her a book can be, or how it needs to be stored or displayed.

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Gross designed the Konnex for people who enjoy redesigning their homes more frequently than usual. The individual modules can be set up in a variety of arrangements, according to whichever might suit one’s home best. I think this is a brilliant design considering the fact that it can cater to people who have both smaller …

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mikado bookshelf by edition compagnie | Blue Ant Studio.

This bookshelf defies the traditional expectations of what a bookshelf should look like. It acts not only as a place to display your books but also as a piece of art and home decor.