Sustainable Ideation 5

For my final sustainable bookshelf ideation, I wanted to break away from the conventional vertical orientation of a bookshelf. I began to investigate my options for different ways of interacting with the books as well as the orientation of the structure. Generally, bookshelves stand vertically and the books are placed horizontally along the planks, with books organized in a vertical fashion. This structure defies the standard bookshelf, first of all with its dynamic shape, and next, with the way the books interact with the product.

Originally, I considered using chair legs and arranging a frame by creating joints, then fabric would be used to support the books. However, if I take into account the amount of time I need to find the material and construct everything, it seems like I will be biting off a bit more than I could chew. Instead, I want to use layers of recycled cardboard for the legs of the frame, and the fabric would be tied to holes within the cardboard. Also, the directions of the legs will create a W shape, leaving the user with the option to use them as modular structures. The structure would also allow for users to place seats on top, thus transforming the item into a seating structure as well. Negative space on the underside also provides more space for storage, reflecting the idea of how a bookshelf no longer functions merely as a storage unit for books.


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