Towards Total Beauty | Edwin Datschefski

Edwin Datschefski’s work centers in on the development of sustainable design. His efforts towards striving for a more sustainable future have been very influential, especially with his founding of Biothinking International–a non-profit organization that works to train people about sustainability in design.

In his book, The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products, he provides valuable insight into what ‘sustainable design’ really entails. He provides a list of what factors qualify a product as being sustainable (all the better for a product to fall into more than one category).

Cyclic: The product is made from compostable organic materials or from minerals that are continuously recycled in a closed loop.

Solar: The product in manufacture and use consumes only renewable energy that is cyclic and safe.

Safe: All releases to air, water, land, or space are food for other systems.

Efficient: The product in manufacture and use requires 90% less energy, materials and water than products providing equivalent utility did in 1990.

Social: Product manufacture and use supports basic human rights and natural justice.

Datschefski also compiled a large number of sustainable products and included information about what makes those designs ecologically friendly.

Did you know? Only one in 10,000 products is designed with the environment in mind, as of 2001. I wonder what the numbers look like today.

Datschefski, Edwin. The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products. Crans-Près-Céligny, Switzerland: RotoVision, 2001. Print.


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