The Life of Excess

Something I’ve been feeling convicted of lately is the fact that I have so many things that I absolutely do not need. I keep telling myself I’ll eventually need those papers, that box, those jars, but they just sit there collecting dust.

Then I saw this TED presentation by Graham Hill who proposes that living with less just might increase one’s likeliness to live a happier life. I consider his concept to be incredibly fundamental to myself, first of all, and vital to the rest of humanity. There’s so much conflict about who owns what and exactly how much of it. Do we really need to identify ourselves by how much we own?

Therefore, with this design, I hoped to deride our tendencies to place value on things that necessarily shouldn’t be of great value to us. The open bookcase with the designated slot for the iPad highlights society’s tendencies to gravitate towards advancement. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with technological advancement, because I really do think it is a great thing. But rather, I hope to expose the glorification of these inventions in opposition and to the demise of printed texts. By filling the open spaces and creating a trompe l’oeil-like effect, the thin slot for the iPad is all the more singled out.



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