With these potential bookcase ideations, I wanted to focus on the current wave of electronic readers and tablets that have taken society by storm. I was more interested in encouraging social commentary and individual interpretation through each product rather than centralizing the design around the function alone.

Here, I wanted to bring attention to the fact that bookshelves don’t just store books. They could be a valid display of one’s level of intelligence, social status, or personal memories. Bookshelves no longer just hold books; they display photographs and knick-knacks that hold meaning to each significant person. With the advent of the interactive tablets such as the iPad, all these things mentioned above (and more) can be squeezed into one compact electronic device.

The slot exists to hold either an iPad or any e-Reader such as the Nook or Kindle. The legs not only support the main body but also imply that this device is placed on a pedestal, both literally and figuratively. Another option would be to make a play on the standard book display by designing the main form with bookends attached to either side.


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