Whatever’s hung on our walls at home says so much about what kind of people we are, what we are passionate about, what matter to us. Awards, certificates, photographs, etc place us in high esteem, and I wonder what a hanging iPad could possibly imply about a person. Compared to when it is resting on a tabletop or placed in any of the other design ideations, the hanging design seems to imply something completely different about the product and its owner. It becomes all the more valuable, especially with the product facing outwards versus the product’s side facing out.

  1. Some of your ideas that i can see in your sketches seem very innovative and interesting. The model you created doesn’t give too much appeal though. I think that if you spent a little time on the model, that your future design that you’ve been researching will turn out beautifully. The organization and page layout on your website, is clean and wonderfully designed. I would love to see some more at home experiments, and maybe try and give the book shelf mores names besides “book displaying structure”. Show the viewer not only that you sketch, make models, and research, but that you a an interested designer or goes over the top when it comes to model making. keep up good work! – Christopher Williams

  2. dieratched said:

    The ideation that you picked as your final one is probably the most interesting one from all the ones I saw. I really love it, and I think it’s a great result of the great and in-depth deconstruction process and a really smart approach to the re-design task. I was really amazed by it whenever you presented it in class, and right away I got the satire aspect of it. It visually communicates your idea in 100%, especially the Graham Hill’s words. It also has a very literal aspect, which is to me the fact that iPad can be treated just like a library for all your books in one place. Therefore the shelf with the build-up shelves for the books is an exact inverted idea of the iPad.
    I think it’s a really smart design. Although I love the books themselves, and I love the process of turning pages, and the smell of them, and the texture of the paper – I would love to have one of these bookcases in my house. Your idea makes me laugh really hard in the most positive sense, and I would totally buy the iPad just to be able to use this bookshelf.
    What more, I think your ideation is a perfect representation of the nowadays culture’s understanding of the books, and in the same time, it shifts it all the way around and makes people realize what’s s happening to the culture. I really love it! It’s a satire, a metaphor, a literal illustration, a fact, and a design int he same time. Great job!

  3. dieratched said:

    Your way of posting is really thoughtful, and always has a similar structure. First you make an introduction to the idea, you’re describing how it’s connected to your category, how it refer to your idea, and then you introduce the idea itself, and explain it. I really like it because it’s really clear, makes your concepts easy to understand, and it’s unified with the minimalistic and pure look of your blog. What more, the menus on the side (archive and categories only) facilitate navigation and access to your data.
    I also like the way you customized it; it’s very clear and easy to read, understandable, inviting for the reader, and all the drawings and ways of publishing the pictures are supported post by post, so the whole blog creates a unity. And I think I can also say it’s very you, and represents your style very clearly. I know that it’s probably not exactly the same that you would make if you were to create your own website, but goes really well with the content.
    All together, it looks really professionally, and I think you made this blog a very successful one.

  4. jinnkim said:

    Your research posts were very helpful to understand various conceps of bookselves. I saw very interesting ways of your idea of bookselves, but if you have more detail explaination i could understand more clearly. Your ideation sketchs show well how your ideas move to the new ways of bookselves. Furthermore, your blog organized very clearly, so i could appreciate your blog by stages. It is not compext, so it is easy to follow your iead. If you fix some pictres are unshown, it will be better blog. i really like your chosen model.- Jinwoo Kim

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