Let’s Get Physical: Part 3

The prior physical experiment led me to investigate how round objects with rigid edges would differ from the round object with round edges. I simply stacked a couple nickels, imagining them as books only to discover how inconvenient it really is to retrieve the one at the very bottom. That led me to try and set the coins vertically, resting on the thin edges. The three would not stand together, so I patiently set one on its edge. It did fairly well until I tapped the table, causing the coin to drop flat.

Of course, if these coins were about the same size as a standard book, they could have withstood being placed on their edges. But considering the small size and weight, it was not something that could have been achieved so easily. Now, it seems even more clear to me that the traditional bookshelf that holds books vertically really is an efficient design. It also makes more sense for books not to be manufactured as round objects, which would also be a problem when it comes to reading the content. The purpose of the bookshelf is to store and display one’s collection of books and other knick-knacks.

If one were to attempt to reinvent the bookcase, they would have to consider every interaction that one has with not only the bookcase but also with every item the bookshelf stores.


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