Hans Haacke + Lanvin, Spring 2008 RTW

Hans Haacke's 'Blue Sail'

In my teacher’s lecture about deconstruction, she demonstrated the idea of cause and effect through artist Hans Haacke’s “Weather Events,” a piece in which a large blue fabric is placed over a fan. It then undulates in accordance with the movement of the wind from the fan.

It reminded me of Alber Elbaz’s 2008 Spring collection for Lanvin. The gowns are designed to accentuate the beauty of the material and to highlight the beauty of these organic shapes that form through the wind that flows within it. If the gowns were presented in a stagnant display, I don’t think they would be understood to be as beautiful as they really are. Without the wind, the gown would merely be another dress made by some fabric. But because the interaction between the movement and the garment is so captivating, it leaves an impression of it being an art piece in itself. The garment alone is a display.

Similarly, I wonder what a bookcase would be without the books. Sure, it can still hold other things, but would we still be concerned about class and levels of education? Would it still relate to the prominent shift from tangible documents to digitally formatted files that is sweeping today’s culture? Maybe this connection is a bit far-fetched? But I still think it’s incredibly relative. Without the books, what would a bookcase be? Just some platform or stack of negative space that are there for what?

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  1. This is a really lovely connection and it shows a great deal of thoughtfulness on your end. It is quite a question to consider… is it just the subject matter (and all the semiotics that are attached) that makes a book case a book case?

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