Mongolia! by Wiissa

via mongolia! on Vimeo.

I ran across this video depicting a group of native Mongolians reacting to seeing photographs of themselves. Through their reactions, I was reminded that I live in a culture where advanced technology thrives; it’s not like this everywhere else in the world. They don’t have to worry or debate about whether they should buy regular bound books or to go digital and buy e-books for their Kindles. Thoughts such as those will most likely never cross their minds.

This leads me to question the place that books and literature have in their lives. Not to say that they are illiterate or uneducated, but I’m more curious about their desires to read or learn. I assume that these native Mongolian children have a greater desire to learn and be able to read than a majority of children in America that are similar in age. It’s commonplace for people to start taking for granted the things that are abundant in their lives. The fact is that in America, we say that education is a right; parents are mandated to send their children to school. However, it’s a privilege in countries such as Mongolia. There is no such mandate to send children to school beyond the 8th grade.

We have the freedom to drown ourselves in knowledge, thanks to the vast amount of books found at hundreds and thousands of libraries and other databases at no expense. But I wonder how many people truly appreciate this fact.

What is it like in Mongolia? What is it like in third-world countries?

What do their bookshelves look like?


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