Bookcases at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“These monumental work stations were also symbols of their owners’ business achievements.”

In this day and age, it seems that the level of appreciation and desire to be able to read has dwindled in the midst of rising media powerhouses. Today in America, we have the right to an education, but it feels like people only want to become rich and famous. The younger generations have become so enamored with the thought of fame and money; that’s what success is to so many of them.

It’s so odd to think that bookshelves used to be so highly prized, displaying one’s level of education and further examining his social status and success. Though this still rings true for many people today, I wish I knew why we don’t strive all the more to fill our bookshelves, not just with books but with knowledge and wisdom!

The story behind the bookshelf isn’t just about who first invented it or how it was built. Rather, it’s about society and its development and growth whether it be toward growth in education or separation from it.


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